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Port Hueneme Beach

King Crab someone caught on the pier

For my third beach, I had gone to Port Hueneme Beach.  Port Hueneme Beach has a long pier where you can find many people fishing.  I have fished there many times before and even saw someone catch a giant king crab once back in 2013 and I still have that picture.  I used to go to this beach a lot when I lived in Port Hueneme and I would see a lot of fish and game people standing in the beginning of the pier trying to get people to take surveys, I took one before, and they were mainly asking what kind of fish you would generally catch and if you had a fishing license.

Down Port Hueneme Beach you could reach Ormond Beach and see that eyesore of a power plant, but we didn’t walk that far, or go by the water’s edge even.  This beach has a lot of tar and it isn’t uncommon to get tar on your feet after visiting this beach, which was a huge hassle to get off, but I found that coconut oil works the best for this.  I went with my dogs this time and walked along the beach sidewalk with them and enjoyed to sweet ocean breeze, this was a couple days before the fires, so the air was still fresh.

Port Hueneme Beach gets dredged every year usually in the Fall season.  They do this to make sure that Channel Islands Harbor, stays a harbor…. It is unfortunate that we have to keep doing this to sustain the human activities that goes on.  Port Hueneme Beach has a beautiful park and a little seafood restaurant area right at the front of the pier and when I used to frequent this beach often I would see the most beautiful sunsets, especially between the trees.  The picture below was one I took when I used to go to the beach often, it looks like a default wallpaper that you see on computers sometimes, absolutely gorgeous.

Port Hueneme Sunset

I took some pictures of the view from the beach sidewalk where I walked with my dogs, it was a very clear day , so clear you could see the Channel Islands in the distance.

Ventura Pier Beach

I am at the Ventura pier beach a lot, every weekend to be exact.  I work right on the pier and whenever I am on break I sit there and enjoy the beach.  It’s the perfect spot to look over at Surfer’s Point and see all the surfers.  You see kite-surfers, paddle boarders and even some people kayaking.  This past Friday, it was really windy, and the waves were really big and breaking hard, the ocean looked angry!  There was this kayaker and he was catching waves with his kayak! Click the link for a clip of him kayaking. IMG_6578

Knarly waves due to high winds this past Friday


Ventura pier beach  is a clear example of development right on the beach.  They have a children’s park set up on the sand with swings.  There is a parking structure and a Crown Royal hotel and restaurants right up on the beach.  They have quite a bit of revetment on Surfer’s Point because of erosion and even more on towards  the state beach.

Most people use the beach that is directly to the right of the pier, that’s closest to Surfer’s Point and has the park.  To the left of the pier down a ways is Ventura State Beach and that is where

Glowing blue waves due to bioluminescent phytoplankton.

I witnessed the bioluminescene that was happening along our coast.   For those that don’t know we were having some red tide happening along our coast.  This is when there is an algal bloom and can be harmful, causing eye and skin irritants and sore throat.  This usually occurs when there is a high concentration of very small phytoplankton making the water appear a rusty-brownish color when the light reflects on it.  At night on a day that there is red-tide, the phytoplankton emit light when stressed due to the crashing waves and the waves glow blue.  Some surfers don’t care about the possible harmful effects and surf the waves with glowing blue tails!


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but you can still see the glowing tide.  It is definitely something I recommend checking out, it’s the beauty of the beach and biology all in the works.  I get to enjoy many beautiful views while I work and it never gets old, such beautiful sunsets.  Staring out at the ocean is a relaxing thing and I am lucky to be able to do that while I am at work, because sometimes you just need to relax.

Last night’s perfect sunset with the moon in sight.


One of the many gorgeous sunsets.




Mullet Bay – St. Maarten

Just before school started my family and I went on a cruise and one of our stops was to the dutch side of St. Maarten.   My younger sister and I went snorkeling, and our last stop was to Mullet Bay Beach. The water was so clear you could see straight to the bottom, there were little to no waves, it was like a huge saltwater swimming pool.  The beach was kinda on a small incline, but the sand was soft and white.  There was a lot of vegetation on the sea floor and corals alongside the bay with many different fish to see.  I saw a bunch of Dory’s and a even a Lionfish!

Let me start off by saying that St. Maarten in itself is a wonderful place, it’s gorgeous beaches with crystal clear, blue waters and healthy aquatic life is something definitely to put on your bucket list.  Immediately when I came back to the states, I told everyone that we have to make a trip back to St. Maarten, everything was so cheap too! I bought a beer and a water for only $2.50!  Unfortunately, shortly after my visit to St. Maarten, Hurricane Irma ravaged through it nearly destroying everything.  It’s crazy to think that I was just there and then a week later it’s completely different, that a storm so massive can alter the lives of so many.  Hurricane Irma was a scary thing, I have a lot of family in Miami Beach, my cousin even had a baby the day Irma made landfall on the mainland of Florida.  Fortunately everyone turned out okay, with little to no damage to their belongings, just not having power for a week was a bummer.

As for St. Maarten, I am lucky to have seen it the way that I did, to see Princess Juliana Airport and witness the Boeing 747 landing over Maho Beach, to see the Mullet Bay in all it’s glory.  The people and the atmosphere of the whole island made every moment worth while.  For those that call St. Maarten home, I hope that life goes back to normal for them quickly and I hope to someday visit St. Maarten again.

Sister and I at Mullet Bay Beach

Plane about to land over Maho Beach

Needle fish in Mullet Bay

View of the Great Bay

Mullet Bay

I found Dory in Mullet Bay!

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