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Surfer’s Point

Today after my finals I decided to check out Surfers point in Ventura, California a little after a week and a half since Thomas Fire started.

As I walk from the pier surfers point the hills in the back are chard. A thin layer of smoke and the marine layer clash over the water. The mix of fog and smoke made the oil rigs and the Channel Islands disappear. Seeing this was a surreal moment seeing how the fire acted the view of the beach. The fairgrounds had a lot of fire responder’s trucks and vehicles. Some of the first responders were relaxing on the beach eating, chatting on the phone, and some were even surfing. One apartment on the ground floor had a sign that offered their boards and wet-suits for any of the first responders that wanted to surf the waves which was nice of them. A couple of the first responders took up the offer. As I walked further along there a couple surfers, birds, and beach-goers enjoying the beach. The birds were sitting rocks near the shoreline just relaxing.

The beach has a pier with a fishing spot at the end of the pier. There are revetments along the beach and some seawalls that tries to protect the numerous housing along the each including apartments, and the hotels. Near the shoreline where most of the birds were relaxing there was a deteriorated tire and large pipe leading to the ocean.


Hueneme Beach Park

On November 22, I visited the Hueneme Beach Park. It’s a sandy beach with some dunes, a park, a small restaurant, and more. There were a couple of people out enjoying the beach on a hot day in November. This beach is my favorite places to go to. I have been to the Hueneme Beach Park on multiple occasions. There are plenty of recreational activities that can be done here.


On the beach there are a couple of barbecue stations, a pier where some fishing can be done, two near by parks, and the restaurant Surfside Seafood. Upon further inspection there was quite a bit of trash near the barbecue stations. There was charcoal, some styrofoam and some plastics sticking out in the sand. I picked up some of the trash around the stations but there was a more charcoal than anything there. My favorite thing about this beach though must be the parks. The park on the beach has a memorial to Alaska Airlines Flight 261 which a large sundial with dolphins at the base and the names of those who lost their life. Near by is a small swing set which was occupied for a but while I was there by a family. People around were just relaxing and fishing that day. At the end of the pier, there was a group of people fishing.



The beach is surrounded by the military base, apartments, and a power plant. Near the base there is a wall of rock plies lined up with a trail next to it. The beach had different sections to it such as the surf zone, then the berm which then rose to the dunes. There are some small dunes growing, mostly near the parking lot. The vegetation and wildlife on the beach was low, not including the palm trees and grass at the park.

Beach Clean-Up Ventura Harbor

On September 16, a beach clean-up was held at the Ventura harbor. The beach is a sandy one with dunes, jetties, and the harbor nearby. On the day of the beach clean-up there were hundreds of people coming together to clean up. I am arrived around 9:30 am and people were already lined up ready to clean while some were already by the shore cleaning up. I have been to that beach on multiple occasions to eat at the harbor then to relax on the beach. In this blog, I want to note some of the beach tourism I saw and the geology.

The beach had recreational water sports such as kayaking, boating, fishing, and taking some boats out on the waves. Near the national park center, there was a spot for kayaking that was getting ready to open around 10:00 am. Also, nearby was a group of surfers getting ready to catch some waves early in the morning. They were placing themselves were the waves were the strongest and that was near one of the multiple surrounding jetties. After coming the beach for several pieces of trash such a cigarettes, Styrofoam and small plastics I went to get some ice cream. The harbor has many small shops and restaurants which are based on the beach culture. Some of the shops had handmade sculptures based on sea shells and rocks that washed up ashore. The restaurants were mostly based on seafood for example Andria’s which was advertising their fresh catches which is important to some of people when they come to harbors.

The beach is had some of the natural components of the beach were the dunes, mollusks near the jetties, birds, and some vegetation both offshore and in the water. The man made components of the beach include the jetties, sand spit, and the harbor. The beach had different sections to it such as the surf zone, then the berm which then rose to the dunes. The dunes and the parking lot met. I didn’t see many animals on the dunes other than some birds flying. There was a small line of seaweed and other vegetation that was dried up. This could indicate the high tide which was about 20 feet away from where the water was that morning.

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