Point Dume.

For my last blog post, I decided to go to a beach a little closer to home. I say a little because it was still about 45 minutes away from my home. The lens I’ll be using is a local/family tradition lens, because I’ll talk about a lot of the things I like to do […]


Splash Zone

I decided to take a little day trip to Marina Del Rey to visit my friend who lives less than a five-minute walk to the beach! the beach next to her place is the mid-south side of Venice Beach. It was a good time to go in between the winds of windy season that we’ve […]

Port Hueneme

Keepin’ it Clean

For my first beach blog, I went to Port Hueneme beach in Ventura county. I went there for the California coastal cleanup! I had arrived a little past 10 am and was super surprised by how clean it was. I hadn’t seen too many people around the signup area but walked around the volleyball courts, […]