Field Notes-Iceland

I stumbled upon Iceland when originally trying to go to Hawaii.  It was actually cheaper to fly out for two weeks round trip than it was to stay a weekend in Hawaii. Funny enough, Iceland is also volcanically active, thus a large majority of the island has black sand beaches. The actual particles of sand Read More

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Keeping the Vibe Alive: Family Traditions

It’s September 21, 2019, and we woke up like it was any other Saturday morning in our household. My husband was taking his time pulling his sleepy head out from underneath his pillow, while my 7-month-old son cooed his way into my arms and my 6-year-old son jumped on our bed. Mornings like this are Read More


Ecology and the Ventura Harbor Cove Beach

By: Danielle Garcia On Saturday, I visited the Ventura Harbor Cove Beach for the 2019 California Coastal Cleanup Day. Harbor Cove Beach is actually one I’m pretty familiar with; when I was younger my dad and I would visit the beach at least once every few months. However, this was my first time returning in Read More

Rosie's Dog Beach

A day on Santa Cruz Island

Positioned along Southern California’s coast, the historic Santa Cruz Island is one of the eight-island archipelagos. The islands, which reside within Santa Barbara County (four), Ventura County (two), and Los Angeles County (two), are home to many native, non-native, and endemic species. Located within Santa Barbara County, Santa Cruz Island  offers great views, miles of trails, clear turquoise-blue waters, Read More