ECS Santa Rosa Island field trip

Lens: educational, community, spiritual I had the opportunity to visit the Santa Rosa Island and stay at CI’s research station for one of my early childhood studies classes. Apparently we were the last group to visit for the season until it opens back up in the Spring. It was such a cool worthwhile experience! We Read More


Lobo Canyon

Tucked away in an isolated island off the coast of California lives Santa Rosa, one of the five islands that makes up Channel Islands National Park. Santa Rosa boasts many beautiful trails, including Torrey Pines and Black Mountain, but my personal favorite is Lobo Canyon. Lobo Canyon is one of the many trails monitored by Read More

Rosie's Dog Beach

“See The Land”: Skunk Point – Santa Rosa Island

“Well, a man’s mind can’t stay in time the way his body does.” “If I’m going to settle here I need to know about how and what will be,” -J. Steinbeck   It’s easy to observe a place, to look, to interpret and then file it away amongst the other pretty places of our memories. Read More

Rosie's Dog Beach

Lobo Canyon Beach/Cove

Santa Rosa Island is apart of a chain of islands called the Channel Islands. These islands off the coast of Southern California between Ventura and Santa Barbara are protected as a National Park. There are many amazing treasures that each of the islands holds. They are home to many species that only exist within the Read More