Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island is the largest of the Channel Islands, and the most popular island to visit recreationally. This island is easy to get to, has the best weather of the islands, and there are many recreational activities to enjoy such as hiking, kayaking, and tidepooling.  I visited Santa Cruz to hike the Pelican Bay […]


Geology and Environment at El Matador

I had the opportunity of visiting El Matador State Beach in Malibu this week to conduct research over species diversity found within the coast. This was my first time visiting this beach and any beach in Malibu in particular. While visiting El Matador, I decided to observe the beach through an environmental lens that also […]

Rosie's Dog Beach

Marathon, Florida Keys

I had a chance to visit the Marathon Key in the Florida Keys and never thought going to east coast beaches would be much different than the sandy west coast beaches that I am accustomed to. I always figured that all beaches were fairly similar. I never took into account that each beach is determined […]

Rosie's Dog Beach

Santa Rosa Island-Geology and Culture

I visited Santa Rosa Island for the first time as a student as CSU Channel Islands in mid-September. During this trip, four other students and I hiked the six miles to Skunk Point, where we found soft, white beaches juxtaposed against rocky, inter-tidal areas. For the purposes of better understanding the land’s history, we discussed […]

Rosie's Dog Beach

Victoria/ Laguna Beach

    Hello everyone, for my first beach I decided that I would go to Victoria/ Laguna Beach, a beach that happens to be my current favorite beach in Southern California. It is a beautiful beach with clear blue waters and this beach actually has a marine protected area. The reason that it is a marine […]

Rosie's Dog Beach

Lobo Canyon Beach/Cove

Santa Rosa Island is apart of a chain of islands called the Channel Islands. These islands off the coast of Southern California between Ventura and Santa Barbara are protected as a National Park. There are many amazing treasures that each of the islands holds. They are home to many species that only exist within the […]