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For my last beach blog, I am writing about the beaches of Bahia De Los Angeles, in Baja. The beaches in Bahia are a remote treat for anyone willing to make the drive from the US. Lying some ~400 miles south of the border the area is easily accessed in a day. My friends and I left seeking adventure in Baja and we found plenty of it in Bahia. We were going fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and off-roading. Coming well prepared for the often remote and rugged roads of Baja we set out early in the morning at 4:30 am to get to the border to retrieve our travel papers.

We were hoping to swim with whale sharks which frequent the area certain times of the year. After searching a few locations on kayaks we went out on a local tour panga run by a guy Marcos (Marcos Eco Tours). After fishing all morning we eventually went to go look for whale sharks, luckily we were able to find several in the waters of the south bay. It was awesome to swim with such big sharks and it is a very humbling experience. The largest one of the day we swam with out of about 5 was around 30ft.

The landscape of the area is very unique with a large island some 80 miles offshore, however, in the bay itself, there are around a dozen small islands. Some with unique geological features like sea arches. Even dormant volcanoes exist to the north on Isla Smith a beautiful island with several lagoons even mangroves. Near to that is La Gringa a large bay to the north of the area that is known for good fishing and whale sharks. We snorkeled and fished the area for an entire day.

Bahia has a special place in my life, it is an amazing place incredible beautiful and the people are utterly welcoming and friendly. If you get a chance visit Bahia De Los Angeles. I suggest either camping or renting a house at Campo Archelon run by Antonio (Tony). His father was long involved in conservation and Tony carries on that legacy.


5 thoughts on “Bahia De Los Angeles

  1. James says:


    That’s insanely cool that you swam with sharks. Were you scared at all? Do you have any go pro footage? I want to see it if you do!

    The pictures you took are incredible, and can’t wait to visit there now. Thanks for sharing this experience with us Mathew! 🙂

  2. Shirhall says:

    Whale sharks are amazing! I am so jealous, I know they are gentle but their size must have been crazy intimidating. The photos are gorgeous. I’ll have to put this on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aylard says:

    I want so badly to swim with Whale Sharks, or any large sea creatures like whales generally. Now I may have to have this place on my bucket list. The animals and beach make it look like such a beautiful environment. Reminds me a little of Hawaii, but it seems to appear to have is own type of uniqueness. Thank you for sharing.

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