Beach Cleanup Surfer’s Point Ventura Harbor

I had a wonderful experience on September 16, 2017 at the Ventura Harbor Surfer’s Point. It was my first beach cleanup that day. I always been mindful about picking up after myself when I visit beaches, hiking trails, or campgrounds. It was nice to see the community get together for beach cleanup day. There were students, organization groups, and families with their young children picking up trash piece by piece. Its good to see today’s generation inspire tomorrow’s generation. I realized that Ventura County is lucky to have dedicated community members looking after their beaches. These are the values we need to preserve for the future in order to stay in equilibrium with nature.

I never would have thought that beaches have so much trash. I was surprised to find all the trash my girlfriend and I found within the three hours of our cleanup. What was even more shocking to find was the little pieces of plastic trash buried in the sand. The pieces were shiny colorful plastics and could have easily been mistaken with sea shells or colorful rocks.  We also found fishing reel and trash that looked like it came from outside the beach’s boundaries. Most of the trash we found was buried or hidden deep inside the jetty. Inside the crevice, we found a pile of debris with a mixture of decomposable material and trash: fishing reel and supplies, plastics, foam, bottle caps, a bag of sunflower seeds . We had to move around the pieces of wood to get to the trash. As the second hour of cleaning passed by, we started to see patterns on the spots where we would locate the trash. 

While we were cleaning up the beach, people were at the beach enjoying themselves spending the day with their families or significant other. It made me wonder if they picked up after themselves after. It always nice to see the beach filled up with people. People make out the best when it comes to visiting a beach. It can very fun. I’m glad we were able to pass on that message and help out our local beach. I really learned a lot of important responsibilities we have as a community.

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  1. Mendoza says:

    Greetings! This event was also the first time I attended a beach cleanup. It’s amazing what kind of items you’ll find hidden in the beach. I’m surprised you were there for three hours! I was pretty pooped when I hit the one hour mark. That is very impressive.

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