Beach Culture

As i’m looking out, my view is elevated up fifty feet high with the rest of the Santa Monica Pier behind me and get a front row view of the horizon, with where the ocean and the sky meet sitting right at eye sight level. As I look down, I see birds floating under me, along with speckles of people clustered and moving around in trails like ants as they trail around in a chaotic looking fashion yet also organized at the same time. There were people surfing and swimming in the ocean waves and dozens of people sprawled on the sand, relaxing and mingling.

My view suddenly starts to lower as I slowly drop down towards the bottom of the pier and am sent back and up again through the circular motions of the ferris wheel that sat at the edge of the pier. When I look behind my back to see the long stretch of the pier that led all the way to the streets, it is completely cluttered with colorful shapes and screams of excitement bursting all over as people fly across in dragon roller coasters and people sitting in shark heads spinning around, all while the numerous tents of carnival games and giant stuffed animals fill up any remaining spaces available.

As we decide to walk down the stairs down to the sandy beach, we found ourselves having to zigzag through the crowds to finally reach the sand. We sat down in the sand to enjoy the view and people watch as clusters of people enjoy the ocean sand and waves. There were lots of people weaving through with plastic buckets on top of their head selling mangoes and coconuts and even men holding huge bundles of umbrellas, boogie boards and sand castle molds to getting some extra bucks as well as hopefully encourage some additional beach recreation along the sandy coast. This was a bit of a different beach environment, I don’t normally choose to go to crowded and popular beach locations but we decided to enjoy a different view for the day and it ended up being quite a memorable one filled with rides with epic views, people watching, enjoying the sunny salty breeze, and ending with a cold drink and some good old fashion funnel cake.