Beautiful sunny Paradise Cove, Malibu, Ca.

Seascape at Paradise Cove
The pier at Paradise Cove

Bob Morris’s beach cafe at Paradise Cove is the beach destination I chose to make beach blog #2. This iconic Southern California beach is located in Malibu, California, rich in history and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe has been owned and operated over 50 years by the Morris family. It has been the location of numerous T.V. shows, movies, (Gidget) music videos, (Madonna) and photo shoots (Marilyn Monroe in 1952).

The beach culture is very apparent at Paradise Cove. The iconic pier is used by people visiting from all over the world to walk and fish from. The cool sea air beckons swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers. My family has spent decades celebrating special occasions there, birthdays, graduations, births to name a few. The experience immerses you back in time, and one can literally “feel” the joy of former patrons from years ago.

As I was observing the beach for the blog purposes I took note of a few things. There is relatively a short width of sandy beach. They have done some bouldering along the shore in recent years. An El Nino event caused significant flooding to the property and the landscape has been shored up afterwards. On a note of preservation of the environment, I noticed that they have replaced using paper straws to using pasta material formed straws. Also their take home boxes are not styrofoam anymore, but a biodegradable material box.

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