Big Sur, California

If mermaids were real, this is where they would live. I am now  convinced they are. California’s Big Sur coast is unlike anything I have ever seen before. With breathtaking views and a mountainous coast that seems to stretch on forever, Big Sur is the ideal place if anyone is looking to escape reality for a few days. I did just that last weekend with my friend Chris. We drove about 6 and a half hours to get to Placket Creek campground which is right up the road from Sandollar Beach, a famous surf spot for those looking to ride some giants. The ride took a little longer than normal due to the closure of Highway 1. The highway has been closed for about a year now due to recent storms and fires that have shifted the mountainsides. There is a famous bridge there called Pfeiffer Canyon that began cracking as well due to heavy rainfall as it was sinking into the mountainside. Also, down on the other end, we noticed yet another closure just past a small  town called Gorda on the highway. Mudslides have occurred due to the shifting land and debris has covered the road completely.

In terms of the beach, I was taken away at the vast beauty of it all. Each little beach seemed to have it’s own unique qualities. Many of the small beaches had a natural water source leading to the ocean from the mountain side. Pictured to the left is one small runoff that I found at the base of the staircase at Sandollar Beach. It was nice listening to the trickling water as I caught up on my suntan on the sand. I also noticed that the beach had many rock structures that were standing out in the lineup. I remember learning about how massive waves can eat away at the mountains causing that break-away to happen. 

As far as beach vegetation, I have never seen that much fluffy Pampas grass in my entire life. I know it grows wildly all over California… it was literally covering entire mountainsides and I even found some close to the sand! Speaking of sand, the sand here was probably some of the softest sand I have ever felt. Almost like a sugar consistency.

My friend was in search of big waves as Big Sur was expected to have a swell that weekend. Unfortunately mother nature thought otherwise and did not grant him with what he was looking for. Some of the faces at their peaks must have been about 10 feet…although Surfline predicted 13-15 ft. faces.


The campground at Big Sur was also nothing short of incredible. Everything was so lush and green. It was also Jade Fest going on up there. A bunch of Jade hunters come out to camp and gather some jade in the mountains and many of them make jewelry out of it. I also happened to stumble across some jade that I found at the mountainside on the sand at Sandollar Beach. Overall, I would highly recommend everyone in class to attend this beautiful little spot at least once in their lifetime. It was my first experience and it will definitely not be my last.


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