Big Sur Hike


For my beach visit I went to Big Sur and as for my scope of focus I chose to use biodiversity. Because when I was there, it offered with so many hiking spots and various camping spots which I did not do since I did not have time to do that. But overall, we went to five different  hiking spots and saw a bunch of life and plants. When we first got to our first hiking spot we ran across a little baby gopher snake but before I could take a picture of the snake it slithered away into the fauna that was surrounding the spot. When we got to our destination there was a little spot to relax and take pictures which was surrounded by beautiful plants and wonderful creatures. Between the snake and various birds we saw a diverse biolife in this tiny little spot of Big Sur.

3 thoughts on “Big Sur Hike

  1. DeVera says:

    Not once have I ever been to the place you wrote about in your blog post, but I hope to go someday. I’ve heard so many things about Big Sur and how much it’s a great place to visit. I didn’t know there was hiking spots there, nor did I know that there is an abundance of biodiversity there. I enjoyed the insight, and your pictures are breathtaking.

    • Cavanagh says:

      I also hope to visit and it looks beautiful from these pictures! I enjoyed learning of the hiking and hope there are plenty of camera happy animals out there when I visit!

  2. Geraldo says:

    It is interesting to imagine how animals also use the beach as a resource just like we do. Based on the picture of the trail I assume that mountain lions, coyotes, deer, and squirrels could use the beach as a place for food or shelter.

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