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Butterfly beach

Butterfly beach along Channel Drive in Santa Barbara California.

Butterfly Beach is a beautiful beach that I visit often. It’s located at 1260 Channel Drive along the coast of Montecito, CA, just across from the Santa Barbara Four Seasons Biltmore. One of the most popular beaches in all of Santa Barbara, Butterfly is a community-based region where locals, tourist, and celebrities alike convene to enjoy one of the most abundant things California has to offer, sunshine! While observing what mother nature gave us, people are free to walk their dogs along the waters edge all while taking in the sweet smell of sand and salt-water. During times of lower tides, going east, it’s possible to walk all the way to east beach, which is near the heart of the downtown Santa Barbara nightlife and shopping areas. If walking isn’t your forte there is a fairly easy bike-path which runs from the Santa Barbara Pier to Butterfly Beach. If you choose to go towards the other direction, you’re going to walk to the popular Santa Barbara surf spot, Hammonds beach. If you choose to visit this gem, it’s recommended that you bring your own lunch, water, and sunscreen because there are no public facilities at the beach, adding to the alluring sense of it being a true locals beach.

Ritzy Montecito calls for celebrity sightings and stunning sunsets, which are abundant at Butterfly beach as it is one of the few  west-facing beaches. I recommend that you stay late because there is always a good chance that when visiting, you will experience a sunset over the water. That is of course, if you’re not too sunburned from your wonderful day of relaxation (umbrellas are a good idea). Regardless, the sunsets that occur are often profound, and a sure bet for a great photo.



  1. Garrett, I enjoyed your description of Butterfly Beach. I have never been to this beach, but it looks beautiful. Next time in in the Montecito/Santa Barbara area ill have to check it out.

  2. Your description of this beach sounds like it should be in one of those tourist pamphlets.

  3. Great beach to blog about! I never knew anything about this beach and your description really made me want to go check it out

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