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Cleaning Up Point Mugu!

For my beach cleanup I wanted to go to a beach that is less traveled than beaches like Zuma or Venice. I was curious to see what level of trash would be found on a quieter beach. I chose to go to Point Mugu beach as it is a lesser traveled beach, and it is a beach I have visited and enjoyed in the past. I went early in the morning and took my girlfriend to help us get more trash. I wanted to go to a less traveled beach to try and find trash that had washed up on the beach as opposed to been left by people relaxing on the sand. I think the majority of trash we found at Point Mugu did indeed wash up on the banks. I found a TON of little pieces of Styrofoam. The way this foam can break up into small pieces but not decay in anyway is part of what makes this substance so lethal. I can absolutely see how animals wold mistakenly eat these varying sized foam bits and have serious health problems. I wondered how old some of these foam pieces were as I know they can lest a very very long time.

Along with hundreds of tiny foam bits (I am sure we made an impact, but in no way did we find all of the foam bits on this beach) we also found lots of plastic items. Plastic is another sturdy substance that does not break down easily over time. It was sad to see the foam and plastic and it reminded me just how much of these materials the world uses. We found several pieces of rope on the beach. I had never considered how much rope could be circulating in the ocean, but with strong plastic based fibers, rope would not decompose easily! It was interesting to see that almost no trash was found on the beach that CAN biodegrade well. We saw almost no paper, no cardboard, and food products on the beach. I was also happy to see that there weren’t any drug use items like needles or cords.

Overall I enjoyed my early morning time out at the beach cleaning it up for future visitors, beach animals, and  sea animals that would be subject to this trash when the waves drew it back.


Kyle Cunliffe


  1. Hello! really nice post!
    I like that you did a beach clean up at a less popular beach. Its sad that there seems to be an equivalent amount of trash on the shore regardless of the popularity of the beach. You brought up an interesting point about not being able to find biodegradable trash like paper, cardboard, or food products and that is something i never thought about. I never paid much attention to the type of trash I’d find. I felt trash was trash but your post reminds me that not all trash is equal.

  2. First of all, thank you and your girlfriend for cleaning the beach! It is shocking that there is still styrofoam debris in such large quantities, especially at a lesser traveled beach. I participated in the Coastal Clean Up Day earlier this semester and it was the the most abundant “tiny” trash I collected. It seems like styrofoam is not as popular as it used to be, however, there are still some fast food restaurants and smoothie establishments that use styrofoam cups. Additionally, styrofoam coolers are still sold and popular to take to parks and beaches events/picnics. After everything we have learned about the dangers of pollution in the ocean and sediment in class, it is really troubling that it is still a problem. Thank you again for being part of the solution!

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