Coastal Cleanup

It was a beautiful day at the Harbor Cove Beach for a coastal cleanup. There were several events taking place that warm and sunny Saturday morning. Also people were taking part in recreational activities such as beach volleyball, obstacle courses in the sand, surfing and of course old fashioned family time in the California golden sun. I had brought along my boyfriend to participate in the coastal cleanup with me, and so he partook in the activity. As we were walking along the wet sand, I had noticed a medium sized object played out on the sand. We had stumbled upon a dead seagull. I broke my heart to see it’s lifeless little body sprawled on the sand. In that moment I thought to myself that the birds death could have possible been prevented and trash or micro plastics on the beach were to be blamed for this innocent animals death. It was a major learning experience for him, and myself to actually walk the coast, and see how one person’s actions can make a vast difference, and how collectively everyones actions in the coastal cleanup can amount to such a dramatic difference. Together my boyfriend and I gathered 9 pounds of pure trash; everything from cigarette butts, to broken glass bottles, chip bags, a lot of broken class, plastic bottle, an old shoe, and broken concrete that someone had dumped onto the beach. It was an educating and unforgettable experience that we both want to volunteer for again. Everyones collective actions in cleaning up the trash off the coast created a strikingly, and noticeably cleaner beach that everyone can enjoy. I don’t think I had seen a beach with zero trash on it in a very long time. The beach was spotless and free from trash by the time by the time we had left.

Coastal Cleanup. Harbor Cove Beach.

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