El Matador State Beach Adventures

I had heard of this beach so much but never visited, until now! It was amazing, let me tell you. The weather was perfect, it wasn’t hot but it wasn’t cold either. I normally don’t enjoy the beach so much because the beaches in California are so cold. El Matador was surely one of the best beaches I have ever visit in California.

Why I loved it?

Like I mentioned the weather was perfect, walking to that beach was like walking to a different world, because the weather was chilly throughout the day before arriving. Besides the weather, there were many interesting natural attractions. All of you that know this place will know about the sea caves and the amazing rocks along the beach. It attracted a lot of birds and tourist… including me, I took a lot of picture, because honestly I wanted to share how excited I was about the weather and this place. On top of the rocks there group of birds not bothered by everyone else. The sea caves were very useful for people to sit under and relax.

The birds and the rocks fascinated me, but also along the beach there were tide pool that had some interesting sea anemone. Some tide pools had other plants and surprisingly to the amount of people around the water was very clean. I also found a crab that camouflage so well to the bottom of the tide pools. Tide pools are important because it provided home to starfish, crabs, and some plants, the waves provide the tide pools with nutrients and oxygen.

Overall, it was a great experience and I hope to visit often. The beach is being regulated by the state parks, which this can explain why this beach is so clean. During my visit I spot a few park rangers hanging out along the beach. That would be a cool job to have.

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  1. andres.aguilar616 says:

    That beach looks so beautiful !! It’s seems like it’s very diverse . Do you know what type of birds those were ? Also, I find it interesting how clean the water is knowing that it is a place that attracts many tourists.

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