El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA

One of my favorite beaches in the Los Angeles County area happens to be El Matador State Beach.  After class last Tuesday, Sarah, my dogs, and I (Hi Sarah, I know you’re reading this!), took a drive out to this beach in Malibu.  We were just in time for sunset and El Matador never disappoints.  I love going right before the sun sets, during “Golden Hour” to make for amazing photos.  However, this beach is always crawling with people who come from near and far to see this beach in all its glory.  There are always couples taking their engagement/wedding photos, really skinny models posing in the sand making sure their photographer gets just the right angle, and then tourists and locals snapping some selfies.  I prefer to take in the natural beauty, no selfies, and to just watch nature do its thing, and that’s just what we did.

Walking along the beach and looking at all the different rock formations, you can really see the erosion of the cliffs taking place.  Looking at the base of the cliff, where it meets the sand, there are often little nooks that go way back in there, almost like a tunnel.  I’m assuming these nooks of the cliffs are due to the force and energy of the waves crashing up against them during the high tides.  Kind of fun to go back in there and hangout when the tide is low.  I snapped a picture of the cliffs from above with my drone, and the rock formations of the cliffs are just incredible, and they make for a great photo opportunity.  I’m also assuming that erosion is taking place at the tops of the cliffs, maybe due to a different force.  It looks to me that wind is causing some erosion at the tops of these cliffs, due to the nooks and crannies of the cool rock formations.

After Sarah and I were done looking at the incredible cliffs, we explored some of the small rocks that were located down near the water and we were pleased to find some wildlife!  There were a few little green sea anemones, some mussels attached to the rocks, and even a little sand crab.  I couldn’t manage to snap a photo of the crab; the little guy was too fast for me.  Along the opposite end of the beach was of course the dreaded coastal development by the rich.  Although I would love to own one of those houses and experience the sounds of nature every single day, I’m not sure I could handle the constant fear and stress of living on the side of the cliff.  The constant threat that the home could fall (literally) victim to coastal erosion is enough (that and the lack of money) to keep me from purchasing a home like that.

Although I’m a lover of all beaches, El Matador State Beach is one of my favorite beaches in the Los Angeles County, as stated above, for multiple reasons.  If you haven’t had the chance to check this beach out, DO SO.

(P.S): I couldn’t choose which few pictures I wanted to share with y’all, so I chose them all! Hope you enjoy!


-Amanda Caras

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  1. Carella says:

    I loved how much this beach means to you and the emotion applied to this post it was amazing and allowed for me to take a moment and realize that there is a wonderful site to see here and I should take the family and go check it out the pictures were awesome.

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