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For my third beach trip, I visited Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura off the 101 on the way to Santa Barbara. Emma Wood State beach is seemingly very popular for locals with great opportunities for surf, sand, relaxation, and even various events like marathons! When the tides are low, you can even go searching through tide pools that may arise. The lens’ I will be using for this blog post write-up are beach ecology and armoring with structural intent.

As far as beach ecology goes, I wanted to mention some of the life I found wandering the beach while I was there. First of all, I was witness to some smaller birds(in one of the pictures) with long bills/beaks (assumedly Curlews?) that were using their long bills to search for food in the sand close to the shore. Running alongside these birds in larger groups were smaller birds (might’ve been sandpipers or a species related to the Curlews, but I’m not positive) that were doing the same thing as the Curlews and foraging for food along the shoreline.

In regards to armoring with structural intent, I’m referring to all of the houses along that sand-line being reinforced with either a wall of concrete, rock, or metal beams(in the other pictures below). The armoring is conducted to keep these houses, and structures in general, safe from anything that might potentially harm them or dwindle the base that they’re built upon. While armoring may be effective for that purpose, it also jeopardizes the beach ecology. While I was still able to see different types of birds, crabs, seaweed, etc., I wonder what the beach would look like without any houses and coastal armoring. In some spots, there was maybe fifteen to twenty feet in between the water and houses; I hope the views are worth any potential future complications to those home owners!

To conclude, my beach trip was assisted well by the things I’ve been learning in class that help be more conscious and thoughtful of what’s around me. While I’m in a beach environment, I think more critically about my surroundings than I have in the past with the knowledge I’ve obtained.


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  1. Emma Wood State beach has been a local favorite for many surfers residing in Ventura. Small swells coming in at a high period make this place a technical surfers dream. It’s the favorite break for local legend Dane Reynolds and the spot where he learned to master his unique surfing style that would lead him to numerous surfing titles throughout his career. I thought it was cool you chose Emma Wood and I really enjoyed the content of your post. I too find myself referencing to information we’ve learned in class, every time I now visit a beach.

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