Harbor Cove Beach

I went to Harbor Cove Beach in Ventura this weekend and I chose a really good time because I made it for the sunset. My friend and I decided to explore this area so we checked out a metaphysical shop and bought some cool charms, then we tried a vegan sushi place! Every single item on the menu was vegan including their crunch rolls, salmon sushi, eel sauce, and even bags of hot cheetos imported from the UK. We were absolutely shocked at how good it tasted, and just overall felt great about it. We had a little picnic at this beach, and I cracked a joke that I was glad we didn’t get real sushi because that would just be ironically cruel. Anyways, I chose this beach because it was a harbor and therefore a port for lots of boats. I absolutely love boats ever since I was a kid, and the idea of pirates really intrigued me. I basically felt like home sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean and watching/hearing the boats in the distance.

The sunset was unreal, and it painted the sky so many different shades of colors. It was slightly windy, but besides that it wasn’t too cold for a night in October. Nonetheless, we were prepared with our sweaters and blanket. We talked about everything, but I started educating her about environmental science. I was very aware of the direction of the waves, the way erosion had mapped the beach, the topography of the coast, and the houses all along the beach. She was very interested at everything I had to say, and was even asking me questions about it. I felt really good about that because I’m a psychology major so I never thought I would know so much about our beautiful beaches in this perspective! I really do care about our environment so it feels rewarding to not only be knowledgeable, but to be able to educate others too.

This was such a good day/night, and I can’t even explain the peace I felt for hours. Even sitting in the pitch black dark felt safe and comfortable. I loved watching the lights from houses in the distance, hearing and seeing the boats in the distance, listening to the sounds of the waves, smelling the salty fresh air, and gently be touched by the ocean’s breeze. My other favorite part was seeing the beach’s scenery change roughly 5 times within a couple hours, until it rested into the darkness.

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