Hollywood Beach

At the end of Harbor and Channel Islands Blvd. in Oxnard, CA you will find yourself alongside one of my favorite beaches  in all of Southern California. Of all the beaches located in Oxnard, Hollywood Beach has access to numerous shops, recreation activities, and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat. I’ve been going to Hollywood Beach for the past three decades and I plan on going for many more. Though Hollywood Beach is lined with million dollar homes, it has and will always be a public beach. There is plenty of public parking and numerous access points all along Ocean Dr.

Hollywood Beach Stretches from the Channel Islands Harbor Jetty north to Channel Islands Blvd.

Though beach grooming is still part of the maintenance program at Hollywood Beach, there is still considerable effort to maintain the natural dunes that pop up along the landscape. And while numerous dune formations are present, the majority of the beach flat and sandy. Along the jetty you can find examples of coastal armoring that we learned about in lecture. To its credit, Hollywood Beach remains one of the most well kept shorelines in Oxnard, and you can even legally walk your dog on it as long as you make sure to pick up your dog’s waste. Doggy waste bags are provided by the city free of charge.

Dogs can be walked on the beach during the allotted time.

When you feel the need to catch something to eat & drink, there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional seafood joints, to sushi, to steak and eggs with some pancakes. Hollywood Beach has access to both the Pacific Corinthian and Channel Islands Yacht Clubs, a gym, a maritime museum and last but not least, CSUCI’s very own Channel Islands Boating Center(CIBC). Per their website, “The CIBC provides educational and recreational opportunities for youth and adults of Ventura County, CSU Channel Islands community and others from around the State. While the main focus of the Center is to teach boating skills and support boaters, the CIBC also provides other educational resources on the local marine environment.”

Visit cimmvc.org for museum information.
Channel Islands Boating Center
3880 Bluefin Circle
Oxnard, CA 93035

3 thoughts on “Hollywood Beach

  1. Wittenberg says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog post about Hollywood beach. I have lived in that area for 3 years and absolutely love the beach we have here. I have noticed more and more through going to our beach class that the grooming and the natural land features of the sand dunes that build up are in competition with one and other. I think you made some great points and maybe I’ll see you around next time you’re out here!

  2. Rahimzadeh says:

    I too love Hollywood Beach, and it is also one of my favorite beaches in Oxnard. The beach is beautiful, and like you mentioned it is lined with million dollar homes but there is plenty of access for the public. I also find this beach to be a lot more quiet than other beaches in Oxnard, whenever I am here it is never too crowded which I also enjoy. One of my favorite parts about this beach are the dunes, I live close by so sometimes for sunset I will walk out to one of the tallest dunes i can find to watch the sunset. It’s beautiful!

  3. Sofer says:

    This beach seems pretty cool! Unfortunately, I’ve never made my way down to this beach in my life so far, but it looks like that might have to change soon! I like that dune preservation is still within the beach’s best interests, even though you mentioned that the beach still gets groomed. Thank you for the information and I look forward to visiting this beach soon!

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