Hollywood Beach, California

I currently and an employee at the Channel Islands Boating Center.  I mainly work in the harbor but I like to utilize the beach across the street as much as possible. Every Wednesday we have a small group of homeschooled kids come to the Boating Center. Their favorite thing to do is beach cleanups. So we walk across the street to Hollywood beach, across from Silver Strand with a bucket, some gloves, and a GPS. We use the GPS to track all the trash we collect on the sand by marking each coordinate.

On this particular Wednesday, there was a tractor grooming the beach. They groom this beach because the of sand builds up too close to the houses all along the coastline. Each home is about 100 yards from the waterline.  I noticed the tractors only groom about 50 yards of the beach, and avoid the dunes. The dunes are fenced off as a part of a restoration project to help increase snowy plover population.

Despite the low number of people that come to this beach, the amount of trash is unbelievable. As a group, we filled a whole bucket in forty minutes. It felt really good to clean the beach, and we agreed we will do this every Wednesday for the rest of the semester.  Another observation I had was how clean the water appeared despite all the trash in the debris. I am really excited to see what we find through our GPS tracking and maybe we can figure out why this beach collects so much trash.


5 thoughts on “Hollywood Beach, California

  1. Gusmeroli says:

    Wow, it breaks my heart to see what humans leave behind on such a beautiful beach. I give you many props to you and your group of friends for cleaning this beach. I wish that more people had a heart as big as yours. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dasilva says:

    Look at all those straws! Straws are so bad and they end up everywhere, they fly around in the wind and aren’t even recyclable! That is a hell of a lot of plastic in that picture, I’m sure a lot of it get brought to shore from others beaches and ends up right there. Looks like you guys did a great job collecting it though, good job!

  3. De Haro says:

    Good job! It amazes me how much trash gets left behind at beaches and not many people take into consideration how harmful it could be. I think that its great that you along homeschooled kids do this beach clean up weekly and track how much trash you guys have collected. I bet it is a rewarding feeling at the end of the day to know that you guys did a great deed and hopefully you can conclude what is causing all the trash to be collected at that beach

  4. Harris says:

    I think it is really cool how you monitor the locations at which your finding the trash on the beach so that your findings can be contributed to larger research on how trash cycles through the ocean geographically. Beach cleanups are a good deed already but turning these kids work into a more scientific and monitored process is beneficial for future research. I also think it’s really cool that the home schoolers families agreed to do this on a weekly basis since I really think college is way to late to introduce ESRM to generations below us. I hope they stick to this weekly meeting so you can gather more gps coordinates and hopefully be able to generate a conclusion from your findings! Great post!

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