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A beach I visit often is Hollywood Beach in Oxnard. I never knew this beach existed but within the last couple of years it has become one of my favorites. Hollywood Beach is close to Silver Strand, just on the other side of the Channel Islands Harbor but has a completely different feel to the beach. I walk this beach almost every day, during my walk I will encounter a small amount of people. I have never seen this beach packed. I even spent my 4th of July here, and there still weren’t a lot of people. Meanwhile, looking over at Silver Strand, the sand isn’t even visible because its filled with people. This beach is almost always vacant which I love, it’s very private. It is so peaceful, and on a clear day you can spot the Channel Islands perfectly. Hollywood Beach to me is a lot more laid back than Silver Strand. Silver Strand is always filled with families enjoying their beach day, or surfers waiting for the perfect waves. I like this beach too, but when I want to relax Hollywood Beach is my go to. From the street entrance to the water, it is a bit of a trek which some people tend to not enjoy, but trust me, it is worth it. My boyfriend and I took a walk on this beach sometime in December and found our first piece of sea glass. During the winter months, pebbles and debris roll up on shore from winter storms causing a swell in the water bringing some beautiful pieces of sea glass. Sea glass is actually discarded bottles or glass that were thrown into ocean up to a century ago. Then, as mentioned, the swell or surf will toss around these pieces for decades until one day they wash ashore looking like gemstones. Since our first time discovering sea glass on this beach, it has become a hobby of ours. We would plan our winter days around low tides, when all of the pebbles are most visible and accessible, and start our search. We searched in the summer as well but noticed that there wasn’t as much to find, tides were never too low and when they were it was smooth sand with no pebbles. When we first started, we were amazed as to how many people also enjoyed the same hobby. When coming across other sea glass hunters, people are usually friendly but also very territorial. No one really wants anyone else looking in the area they are standing, they fear someone else will find that piece of sea glass they were waiting for.  From my observations Hollywood Beach as well as Mandalay Shores get the most sea glass in Ventura County, at least that’s what i think. I’ve never found sea glass anywhere else. Anyways, it feels like a treasure hunt and is a nice way to get out and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Other recreational activities on this beach include fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, soaking up the sun. It is a beautiful beach that i would recommend visiting if you’ve never been.



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  1. Huggins says:

    Hello! This was a very nice article, you mentioned in your blog post that you really enjoy your visit to this particular beach because the “beach is almost very vacant…it’s very private” It seems that you like to visit this beach because of the privacy it offers. With this in mind, do you agree or disagree with the issues about public and private beaches in regards to parts of some beaches being restricted from the public as private property?

  2. Goldberg says:

    This beach is so beautiful! I did not know there was sea glass there! My husband and I tend to go to Ventura harbor to look for sea glass and usually find a lot! The key is to go when the difference between high and low tide is large, usually during the winter, and you’ll find a lot! I need to check out this beach next! Thank you!

  3. occhino says:

    What a beautiful beach! I have never been there myself. I found it very fascinating what you wrote about sea glass. I have never been hunting for it myself, but I can imagine how people could be territorial over their searching grounds. I wonder about the glass itself though, do you think anyone out there collecting the glass considers the origin and history of the glass? Most sea glass comes from bottles, jars, plates, windows, windshields, ceramics or items of similar origin. It is interesting to think that our own pollution is now considered apart of our Earth’s geological history as well as being considered a treasure.

    • Rahimzadeh says:

      Thank you for your comment Occhino. I don’t know about other people, but for myself, i think that’s why searching for sea glass is so fascinating. When you find a piece, it is interesting to think about where it might of came from or what it once was, especially when you find rare sea glass colors such as yellow or pink. Its funny to think our pollution in the ocean turns into treasure pieces.

  4. Ferrer says:

    AMAZING post! You can tel that this beach is a big significance to you. I like how you compared to the two beaches and gave your insight as to why you prefer one over the other

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