Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach located on the west shore Maui. As many wish, traveling to Hawaii seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. Luckily, I was able to visit and explore 3 of the islands. The one that amazed me was Kaanapali Beach. This image attached is forever embroidered in my memory. The sand was beautiful which added along with the blue crystal clear waters. Along this shore, there were many activities to do from snorkeling to stand up paddle boarding (Yes, I did it all). This beach was located right behind some of the top hotels and resorts on the island, but surprisingly it was never packed. From what you see in the picture, this was taken mid-day and it seemed every day that went on there was never more than a few people. One of Kaanapapli beach’s famous attraction is the daily click diving ceremony off the beach’s northernmost cliffs known as Puu Kekaa (Black Rock). And yes, people were able to participate in the cliff diving (which was defiantly scary, but worth every second of the rush I had). During the sunset, a cliff diver would go and light the torches along the cliff, diving off black rock to create the reenactment of a feat by Maui’s revered King Kahekil (Just wanted to add a little background information on this amazing experience). Added on to this is one of the world’s longest zip lining. Another activity people were able to do was learn how to surf. The waves were able 4-6 feet high each day , which seems small but let me tell you boogie boarding and surfing are not the same at all! I figured if I can boogie board, I can surf (Boy was I wrong). When going to Hawaii, I’m sure some of the thoughts are about surfing. I’m able to say that I learned how to surf in Hawaii, although it took me a long time to get the hang of it (I’m telling you about 10 wipeouts).  The one thing I think of when I hear the word “Hawaii Beaches” are the beautiful sunsets that might happen. Each sunset I spent out there were unforgettable. I recommend if you have the opportunity to travel, Hawaii is worth it no matter how cliché it sounds. 

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