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La Jolla, San Diego, CA

I had the opportunity just recently to visit La Jolla beach down in San Diego.  I was in aw of its beauty and all that San Diego had to offer.  I am also fortunate enough to have a drone to be able to capture its beauty from above, giving me a perspective that is hard to come by, unless in an airplane.

Upon arriving at La Jolla Shores, I first noticed the smell, and it wasn’t a pleasant smell.  As I got down to the actually beach, there was a great amount of sea lions sun bathing, playing in the waves, and barking at one another.  I was surprised (but not surprised) to see so many people come so close to these amazing, but aggressive, creatures.  Not only are they putting themselves in danger, they are trampling through the sea lions’ homes and the other critters and creatures that live there, a lose lose for both species.  The shores were also lined with many infrastructures, although a very nice view to enjoy, we all know is not a good idea for multiple different reasons.  In a few years, due to sea level rise, those infrastructures will be no longer.







On another note, I’m a HUGE fan of palm trees, it being my favorite kind of tree, and the road just above the beach was lined with palm trees, and I was in love.  Along the road, there were so many different artists displaying their work, in hopes to sell a few of their finest pieces.

The vibe in La Jolla, and San Diego in general, is just so laid back and chill, a true beach town.  All in all, I really enjoyed La Jolla Shores, and hope to visit again soon, this time having more time to explore in further detail!!

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  1. I have only visited San Diego one time to go to the zoo, but now I will plan a trip to check out this beach! Even though the smell may not be pleasant, I think it would be cool to check out the sea lions!

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