Las Olas: Rosarito Beach

Picture taken a few blocks down from our condo.

This past weekend I went to Rosarito, Mexico with my family, specifically for my mom’s birthday. Her favorite getaway is anywhere in Mexico and with a beach. Because Rosarito is only a few hours away, we go very often for vacation or for a weekend. Weather was in the warm side; however, water was very cold. Our first day, I discovered how our hotel/condo is right on the edge of the sea cliff.

Picture taken from our balcony.

There is a stairway that connects from the top of the seacliff (pool area) to the bottom of the sea cliff (the beach). As we start to head down the stairway, I immediately point out how there are rocks that look very similar of the rock from the edge of the seacliff. Also, there are little islands of rock a few feet away from the shore, of course, my family and I decide to get to the biggest rock. 

Picture taken by mom 🙂 (she was too scared to reach the rock)

We usually like to try different types of hotels/condos in Rosarito, but this had to be the best view. Sunsets are my absolute favorite! Because we go to Rosarito, and visit the beaches so often, I know that Mexican sunsets are much more beautiful to me. Just having to know you’re on vacation, with a drink in one hand, and a sunset on the beach right in your balcony is just relaxing and peaceful to me. 

Sunset view from where we had dinner.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved finding the different types of sea animals within the beach shore and fishing with my uncles. When I was on the rock that was off the shore, I found many crabs that would hide within the holes in the rock. I watched them scramble in and out of the rock, held them in my hand, and felt them run across my feet. Many people would find this scary, but it has always been a part of me to admire the beach creatures. 

The beaches of Rosarito may share the coasts with Ventura/Oxnard, but I find them very different from one another, and both have great aspects that can make anyone’s experiences a great one. 

5 thoughts on “Las Olas: Rosarito Beach

  1. tomas.reyna713 says:

    Super awesome pictures! One thing that made me laugh was the “mexican sunsets” I did not know sunsets have ethnicitys. I understood what you meant, I just thought it was funny.

  2. jasmyn.harrion862 says:

    Breanna, this is a cool blog, this makes me want to take a trip down to Mexico. It is so beautiful over there. Do you think the hotels close to the edge of the cliff are safe from erosion or eventually lost of the beach?

    • breanna.garcia993 says:

      It is pretty scary to think about, especially coming four weeks into a beach course that talks about sea cliff erosion. The hotel we stayed at (and a lot others I am sure) are right on the sea cliff. Even passing by the freeway you will see abandoned hotel structures that never were finished being built… perhaps they were doing the retreat method and believed the position the buildings were first built were not suitable to withstand erosion, or financial issues.

  3. arec.colon-aldeguer723 says:

    Rosarito Beach looks amazing. What was your favorite thing to do there? I hope to one day visit this beautiful place, and thanks for sharing. Happy belated birthday to your mom.

    • breanna.garcia993 says:

      My favorite activity on our vacation had to be the horse back riding on the beach. Pretty scary at first, but I would not have lived with myself if I didn’t take the opportunity to ride a horse on the beach. And she says thanks!

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