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Leo Carrillo State Park

Lens: Biological, Environmental, Educational, and Community

This trip was a Channel Islands University and RJ Frank Middle School collaboration called B-Wet. This project was being conducted in order to have a teaching opportunity with younger students. By splitting up into groups according to each activity, each student is given a hands-on opportunity to gain knowledge and demonstration of environmental issues occurring in tide pools, streams, and vegetation on this beach. My group went on a nature hike by the sea cliffs. We also discussed different types of birds species with the students and had them shout out what they thought certain bird species were. The second and third activity took place in the tide pools. We used grids placed over a designated area in the tide pool where certain species could be found. There were crabs, sea anemone, starfish, and sea cucumber. The next activity was a scavenger hunt to discover different sea creatures down the shoreline. The last activity was a journey upstream, looking at rock formations and a variety of vegetation that transports rocks into their deposit sites. Also looking at the erosion preocesses over a period of time, allowing for the students to envision what it once looked like before droughts. Overall, this experience is one I will remember forever. Teaching kids about the environment around them and how they can be apart of the solution was truly amazing. I would suggest everyone to visit this beach and take in its true beauty.






  1. This is a beach I have not heard of, I have yet to visit Santa Rosa Island but all of the people who visit always come back with beautiful pictures and stories to share. I am glad there are people such as yourself who enjoy the beach and teaching others about the diverse ecosystems that come with it.

  2. Such an Iconic beach , also know to the locals as Sequit. I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve seen this beach and break on. The first time I ever saw it on the big screen was in the original Karate Kid; however there have been too many hollywood films shot on location there to name in this post.

  3. Hi there! I volunteered with B-Wet last fall and it was an amazing experience. I realized, as you outlined in the post, how different you view the beach and the beach ecosystem when you are leading and mentoring students in an educational setting. Leo Carrillo is a special beach to many people as it supports camping and recreational uses, and the opportunity to teach and support the next generation at this site adds another layer of uniqueness. Playing an active role in instilling thoughtfulness and critical thinking in students at such an impressionable age is an amazing responsibility and experience; by doing so we are actively supporting solution-oriented conversations regarding our coastlines! As you said in your post, you won’t forget this trip and I am sure those students will not forget it either!

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