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Lookout Park, Summerland

The weekend after my birthday, Jake and I visited Summerland, a quaint beach town just a couple miles north of Ventura.  We had reservations at the popular and delicious breakfast cafe, got to rummage through downtown Summerland’s high-end flea market, and then finished the afternoon off with wine tasting. At the beginning of our day, we arrived early for our breakfast reservations so we decided to walk to Lookout Park that overlooked the beach. I was excited and intrigued because I spotted signs saying horse access. The park rested on top of the cliffs overlooking the beach below. It was a well maintained park with a climbing gym for children and even a self service dog washing station. All these new amenities made me feel like the park was very well kept. Those were my thoughts before I discovered the beach.

After spending some time on the top of the hill we decided to walk down to the beach. We went down a steep cemented path that led directly to the sandy beach. Immediately, we noticed a rainbow like color appearing in the waves and came to the conclusion it was oil suspended in the water. As we approached the beach their were signs saying to beware of the oil in the water and washed up on the beach. The signs mentioned that swimming in the ocean at this location is a health risk and that dogs should be monitored as well. This made me realize that maybe the self service dog wash at the top of the hill was not so much an extra amenity for public use; but as a way to deal with dogs being covered in oil after being at the beach. I was stunned that such a significant problem is occurring in such a high income area and it made me think: are they trying to solve the problem or are they just waiting for it to go away?


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post, because it touches upon a topic that most people don’t mention or come to talk about. Many questions came up while reading your blog post, like the question you mentioned, are they trying to solve the oil problem or just turning a blind eye? Also, how you tied it together and how they had a dog wash station. Pretty interesting how they had the budget for that but not prevention or mitigation or cleaning solutions for the oil itself, beside just having signs. But, beyond that it seemed like you had a great hangout day.

  2. I think this is very interesting because it shows how big of an effect the oil drilling has on the coastline and aquatic wildlife. If humans are warned to not go in the water or let their pets in, think of how much it is hurting the sea life yet nothing is really being done about it. It was crazy to see the shimmer of oil on the water and the full area that was oil contaminated. It was something I had never seen before and hope it is dealt with in the near future.

  3. This blog post was a very interesting read. I guess in thinking about our beaches I had never considered that without careful protection, all of our beaches could possibly have the same problem. It is a very scary thought to me.

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