Malibu Lagoon

My first blog post I chose an economic lens, my second one I chose an emotional lens, and for my final blog post I decided to use an environmental lens. I used to go to this gem of a beach all the time a couple years ago. I would watch the sunrise here, read a book, and listen to music by myself. I would go with my best friend even when it was cold because no one else would be around. It’s a special place for me and I absolutely adore it. This beach takes a bit of a walk to get there and the trail leading up to it is wrapped around a lake. The lake is separate from the beach and there’s always ducks and jumping fish in it. There was a little island of sand in the lake where birds would chill. The waves on the beach side were perfect and this spot was always filled with surfers.

It’s been about 1-2 years since I set foot onto this specific beach. I didn’t expect much of a change, but boy was I absolutely astonished. It’s hard to tell in the picture because I don’t have a previous photo to compare it to, but the long coast of sand has been completely eroded. I knew that small changes were inevitable on the beach, especially after taking this class, but the degree in which the beach I used to know like the back of my hand has transformed is incomprehensible. The second I took a few steps on the sand, I immediately gasped. There wasn’t even a strip of sand to walk on anymore. There were no surfers since the tide was much too far into the shore. The beach and the lake had been tessellated into practically one huge body of water.

You can see in the photo above where the sand ends and the water keeps going. If you see the houses in the far end across the water, it used to be possible to walk there via the sand on the shore from where I was standing and taking the picture. You could basically walk to the other end of the beach and reach the Malibu Pier from there. I hope that explains the extent of change that this beach underwent. I’d like to visit this beach again and keep taking pictures of its progress because this entire experience was mind-blowing to me. It’s different hearing about it in class and then physically seeing it before your eyes. What an interesting beach trip this has been! 🙂

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  1. rane.baker327 says:

    It is interesting to see the beaches change the way they do, sea level is rising, sediment is changing. The beaches we once knew are changing or disappearing, I’ve had an equally heavy experience myself recently.

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