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For my last blog, I was lucky enough to be a part of a family reunion held on Mission Beach in San Diego. This an event that my family puts on every 5 years and is something that I have very fond memories of growing up. Mission Beach is where I really became comfortable in the ocean, it was here that I caught my first wave on a surfboard and also was caught in a rip current. I would say that at this beach I began to develop my love for the ocean and coastal areas.Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, sky and outdoor

On this trip there are over 100 family members visiting the area; we are spread out down the beach in a number of different beachfront condos, esthetically nice but very cramped with our large family. The first night, Friday, I did not have a bed to sleep in so I ended up sleeping outside on a beach chair. It was awful, There were lights lining the paved path that woke me up constantly during the night, as well as hordes of volleyball players out at first light playing on the courts located right outside the yard I was sleeping in and to top it off the sprinklers whet off on me. In the moment I was not too happy about being forced out of my bed at 6 in the morning but in the end, it was for the best, as I was up and ready to surf the early morning. I don’t consider myself a surfer but I am proficient enough paddle out and chase a couple of waves. I was lucky to be woken up at this time because it is significantly better to surf in the morning. Early in the morning, the surf is glassy due to no wind during the early hours of the day. Later, high and low pressures will form over the land and ocean creating onshore winds; this is what causes choppy midday surf and why you will see more surfers early in the morning and late in the day. Even though I only caught a wave or two I find surfing very relaxing, most of my time was spent outside the break just lying in the sun and looking down into the clear water.

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My favorite part of this reunion, besides catching up with all the family, has to be the competitive volleyball that we play. Like I mentioned earlier, volleyball players were out on this beach from 6 in the morning until the sunset. Beach volleyball is a big sport down in San Diego and my family truly embraces that, we have a large 4v4 tournament and a lot of the kids play competitively. Personally I only really play when I am down in SD but love to it, what other sports can you play on the beach! I also noticed that there was a very active vibe that the people gave of in mission beach; it seemed that everyone was partaking activities. Running, skateboarding, volleyball, surfing, and rollerblading were just a few of the common activities seen on mission beach. In the end, I think that living in a beautiful coastal area like Mission Beach attracts a lively group of people that want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful climate.

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