Monterey Bay Aquarium


Lens: Marine Pollution and Conservation

My visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium was an amazing experience. For how small and quaint the city of Monterey Bay feels, this aquarium has a huge impact on the saving the oceans from plastic pollution. When you see how many marine animals and ecosystems are damaged because of al of the plastics we use and how we don’t or can’t recycle them properly. I really enjoyed how the atmosphere of the aquarium almost reminded me of school. It had the cafeteria style dining area and food pick up, but with beautiful views of the ocean through large glass windows. They have an area called the open sea, where you stand in this huge dome and it feels like you’re really under the sea with the fish and sea turtles. In one area of there was a special wall that showed how much plastic was found inside the belly of an albatross. There was also a feature on one of the walls showing how we can make a difference by making simple changes, such as buying non-plastic containers. They make huge efforts to rescue marine animals that have been affected by pollution and other environmental issues. This includes loss of habitat and displacement of young from their parents. The aquarium treats these animals and sends them back into the ocean to being thriving adults and keep their species  from extinction. Conservation is highly important and the aquarium provides resources for people  to learn about the ocean and show that the world is bigger than ourselves and we have an imprint on the environment whether we acknowledge it or not.  The aquarium produces a lot of projects that turn plastic products into pieces of artwork. This is their way of showing it can be repurposed and send a message at the time. Overall, my experience Educational, insightful, and it really opened my eyes to how much change is really needed at an individual level.



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