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For my beach visit I went to Venice Beach but mostly stayed near Muscle Beach. For my scope of interest, I was going to use community because when I was visiting Venice, I noticed how no matter what the race or culture was everyone was brought together for a certain purpose and the purpose was to have fun. As soon as I got there we were greeted with a crowd for a basketball player named “El Senior Taco Meat” who was ushering up a crowd to play against him in basketball and some people did but most people just watched. My friend and I worked out at Muscle Beach and even there we saw a strong community among the bystanders and the other lifters who working out. There was one person who was just taking pictures of everyone working out and no one cared because the community there was accepting of the fact that people were going take pictures of other people even without their consent.

Even when I was taking a picture of my friend, that is pictured above, a random person was helping us and giving us posing tips and how my friend should come out and be in the middle of the arch rather than underneath it. After that we walked down the road towards Santa Monica and we were always being approached by the various vendors asking us to see their wares or we were approached by the various street performers over there and we were talking with them about our favorite music, how the struggle is out there for small rappers and how they would appreciate us listening to their music and give a donation. When we declined they weren’t mad they just wished us to have a good day and we continued down the wharf. When we stopped at the various booths there we were always treated with welcoming arms. Overall the vibe and the atmosphere being displayed was very relaxed and peaceful and very welcoming. Even my friend who was nervous to work out in front of a crowd of people, felt very at home when she got used to the flow and welcoming of the community of Venice Beach. The community is strong over there and that’s why I picked the community as my scope of influence.

4 thoughts on “Muscle Beach

  1. Goldberg says:

    Santa Monica and Venice are so fun. I love the environment there, and I feel like it encapsulates the California imaginary of what beach towns are like. Everyone is very friendly and the overall atmosphere is very relaxed. I really like how you encapsulated even the little parts of the community like the music artists trying to get their music out there and the friendliness of strangers while taking photos. I think places like Venice are key in the California imaginary because it is exactly what people think of when they think of Southern California beach communities.

  2. Mahoney says:

    I myself was thinking about doing Muscle Beach for one of my blog posts, so I am very excited to see that another student was thinking along the same lines as I do. I am very fitness and health oriented, and love exploring new forms of workouts, whether it be different styles of gyms, boot camp workouts, or cycle classes, I enjoy any form of fitness. Nowhere is there any more iconic “beach” atmosphere type workout than the infamous muscle beach. In fact, while I am no where near the body building type that works out there on a daily basis, I have been given the opportunity a few times to work out there myself. Let me tell you I felt quite small compared to some of those working out, but the experience itself was unforgettable. Being able to experience California beach culture while working out and doing something other than lounging on the beach, is something that Muscle Beach offers that nearly no where else can provide.

  3. Contreras says:

    I was reviewing some of George Tate’s photos of Muscle Beach from the 1950s (that we saw in class) and it is amazing that lifting weights is still prevalent at that location today. It is awesome that you and your friend have continued this tradition of fitness at Muscle Beach and were able to experience a sense of community when you visited.

  4. Sorenson says:

    As someone who did not grow up in California I find that this is a great beach for community! When moving here it was one of the first beaches I visited and continue to go back to this day. I find that the atmosphere is very inviting and a lot to do in the area. Great post it makes me want to go back again!

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