Not your typical private beach Blog #2

I chose to go to Point Mugu Beach on the Naval Base for my second beach visit. This beach is not an easily accessible beach due to it’s highly controlled access by the military.

The first part I will talk about is the Family Beach portion, it is an ungroomed beach with tons of natural erosion going on as you can see in the pictures. It is a little odd that the erosion is happening in this area because further down there are two jetties attached to a rock wall. It is a beautiful beach that the military patrons take good care of so that it will continue to have tons of use for future generations. There are times where you have to be careful on this beach because the sea lions like to sunbath here and they are mean animals if they think you have invaded their space. Before I head to part two of these beaches I see the bio luminous in the water, but they are hard to see because of the full moon on this night, so sorry no pics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Erosion Pic

It is now that I headed down the beach in the opposite direction of the jetties. In this direction, I found the surfing community at this nice rock wall. I decided to converse with them because I myself am not a surfer and I was surprised at what I found out. This was a choice spot and people would sneak on the base just to have at these waves. I can see why they are beautiful as they break and there is an air of danger if not done right a surfer can be harmed. I don’t think I will ever understand the pull that surfers feel

to ride the waves but they are awesome to watch. As you can see in my pictures some are at night and some are in late afternoon is because I went late on Friday spoke to some surfers who told me to come back at high tide which would be 4:30 Saturday evening so that’s when I went and I am glad I did. The surfer community seems like a private venture, and you can’t go and witness it unless invited. I am not a California native and it seems that there are a great many things that are almost private clubs that outsiders shouldn’t know about. I was grateful for this experience and I will never forget what I saw and was invited into it was an amazing experience.












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