Oil Piers Beach

On the evening of November 9th, my boyfriend and I went to the Oil Piers beach in Ventura. It was a nice clear day, and surprisingly it wasn’t too cold. The beach was pretty empty, there were only about four other people enjoying all the beauties the California coast has to offer. This beach brings back so many memories. There have been countless amounts of summer days spent here growing up, and it was my first time being back year in a few years. It was nice to relive such amazing memories created here with family and friends growing up. It was a spontaneous trip to the beach, and it was such a relaxing time there. I’m extremely lucky to have so many amazing beaches wishing a reasonable proximity. The beach has been a place of escape and a place to regain my sanity whenever I’m feeling stressed or not like myself. It’s a place to recharge and reflect. The way the sun reflects off of the the never ending ocean is mesmerizing, and the way to cool ocean breeze grazes my skin feels like a breath of fresh air. The bright sun and its powerful rays of sunshine feels like a blanket of love and serenity. Sitting on the clean beige sand, reminiscing, and reflecting really helped me to clear my mind and de-stress, and has constantly helped me look at the bigger picture of life. It felt great to take some time out of my busy schedule, to get grounded, and walk barefoot on the beach and take in all the sights, noises and smells. I love that this beach is sort of a hidden gem, and it doesn’t get too flooded with people like how most beaches do. My visit Oil Piers beach was one full of healing and mindfulness. The sea has such a calming power, it’s in its movements, its smell , and its distinct sound. This is what keeps me at peace. The Oil Piers beach is such a peaceful place, and this spontaneous beach visit was well past due, and well needed.

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  1. amanda.schumacher029 says:

    That’s awesome! Reminds me of what my groupmate presented on— Maslow’s heirarchy of needs. We all needs these moments! Glad you had a nice, restorative moment at the beach! Thanks for sharing!

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