Ormond Beach

For my second beach blog, I decided to take advantage of being let out of class early and head for the beach to kill some time. I went to Ormond Beach, a place where I visit often and now have grown accustomed to what to expect when visiting; a beautiful wide natural beach with a kelp wrack above the swash zone and dunes running along the back of the beach. One reason that I have grown to love this beach so much is that not many people seem to know or come to Ormond, making it one of the most low key beaches of Southern California that I know of (if there are others let me know!). Currently, there are four people on this expansive beach with me: two fishermen, a father, and his son.

Another great thing about Ormond beach is that it is now left to its natural processes. Back in the 50’s cars were allowed on the sandy shore, killing much of the wildlife on the beach. However, that has changed making Ormond now teaming with life. Looking in the swash zone there are a number of insects and infauna crawling around. These bugs seem to be more prevalent in the kelp wrack that is present at the high tide line. When observing beaches without this assortment of sea grass, kelp, and feathers, like Zuma beach, there is much less life found living in the sand. On the back-beach of Ormond is a fenced off dune area that acts as a sanctuary for nesting birds; specifically the snowy plover, which is a bird that has made its home at Ormond and lay their eggs on the back beach which is reserved for them.

Furthermore, being a regular at Ormond Beach I have now started to pay attention to the changing beach profile. Currently, the beach is still showing signs of a summer profile with a wide and flat beach face. However, you can begin to see the stronger winter swells forming the beach through the scarp that is begging to form. Bellow this berm the beach gets a lot steeper running into the ocean. The waves too are beginning to show signs of the changing season as the swell is large and breaking on an offshore bar. In the end, Ormond is a great example of a natural beach where you can see the dynamic process of the ocean changing the beach face.

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