On my way home from the harbor, I stopped at Ormond Beach, but took a slightly different route than most. I always hear about this Superfund Site and I am able to see it from the road, but never went to investigate it. Right before these gorgeous dunes, there was the Superfund site, along with a paper plant waste water treatment plant. The closet to the beach was definitely the Superfund site. Looking around the lot and where I parked, it was obvious why many people did not come here. It was littered with trashed and off in the distance you could see homeless camps. If you listened, you could hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach and the occasional yells of the homeless people. While I was observing and taking the in scene, a tourist couple pulled up.  I was surprised to see anyone else here. So I picked up some friendly conversation. They were looking for some good bird watching spots. I directed them to the beach near Ventura Harbor and McGrath. The man further inquired about Ormond beach, and I informed him further down was a much safer entry. He insisted this was the one he wanted though. Looking around at the dunes, I started to feel an overwhelming sense of anger. He was right this would be an amazing bird watching spot. With the trash and superfund site, this place stands a chance to be a wonderful Southern California sandy beach preserve. The dunes in the distance appear very natural for the most part. Many of plants looked like they were noninvasive. There was even a sign informing about the various sea birds in the area. If the city spent some money to clean up this area it could be educational place. However, the key word is money. Money does not just grow on trees, it has to come from someone’s pockets. As someone who pays tax dollars in Ventura county, I would really like to see more effort be put forth to clean up this beach. I would love to see it become a beach where I can take my nephew to show him how natural sandy beaches look.