Ormond Beach

It was a beautiful day in Ormond Beach. The forgotten gem in Ventura County. When you pull up, Walter greets you with you smiles. After you cross the gate you must walk what seems like a never ending quarter of a mile to reach the beach. To the left you walk along a fence that divides public coastal access and a military base.To the right you are guided by an orange mesh fence that is there to prevent the public from entering. On the other side of the mesh fence is a protected coastal area. I have personally helped to put up these fences.
Most of the beach dunes and wetlands are blocked off from public access, and for good reason. They are trying to preserve one of the last few breeding grounds of the Western Snowy Plovers. The Snowy Plovers are threatened little shore birds that are perfectly camouflage with their sandy habitat. They blend in to their surroundings as if they were just another spec of sand. Unless you are actively seeking them out, most go unnoticed. For Walter, and other members of the conservation team, that is exactly what they do not want. They are trying their best to keep the critters alive. We can help by acknowledging them and their habitat. If we are not careful we could stomp all over their nests and potential offspring. Although they are not allowed, dogs appear on the beach more often than not. Dogs are a big threat to the plovers survival because they chase them away.
Ormond Beach is not the cleanest of beaches. On a good day, you might see ten people on Ormond Beach. Where as any other beach in Southern California is completely crowded. But on a good day, you might have no trash and an entire beach to your self. For example my most recent visit there, I shared the beach with a lonely fisherman, and an avid surfer. Upon entering the water my body went numb from the freezing water. It takes a few minutes to get used to, but as soon as you do, it feels great. The beaches that i am accustomed to were ones where you would be freezing your entire time in the water. All in all, it was a very successful beach day.

3 thoughts on “Ormond Beach

  1. Luna says:

    Forgotten gem is right! It is one of my favorite beaches. What I like about it is that when most of the other beaches are crowed you can usually find this place empty or close it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the parking lot full here and it always a pleasure chatting with Walter.

  2. Schmitt says:

    I have actually never been to this beach, but just the other day I found out that my next door neighbor was actually responsible for initiating the preserving act that is helping restore the beach back to its natural state.

    • De Haro says:

      Wow how amazing! I think it would be great if more people were aware of situations like these and help one another to preserve many more habitats. I personally really enjoyed helping out and recommend you try going out there someday as well.

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