Our lovely Mugu Beach!

Mugu beach is a beach right off the Pacific coast highway 1 in the south region of Ventura County. Home to the military base in Point Mugu. This beach has known to be famous for having a big man made rock sliced in half which allows the highway to merge through it. Since the design of that scenery many car commercials and also photographers chose to film or shoot photographs because of cinematic view. Mugu beach is very cultural. On major holidays such as 4th of July, and New years crowds of people gather at the beach to celebrate by lighting bonfires, cooking food, and lighting fireworks. Also right next to the beach is the beginning of the hiking trail named Sycamore canyon which is a hike up a steep mountain, and the destination is an American flag at the peek. In many ways this beach is a gathering place for all ages. If you live in Ventura county and wish to go for hike and then enjoy a cool refreshing dip in the sea, or if you just wanna lay in the sun and tan. Mugu beach is the best place. By it’s location alone it is a very easy beach to access, also on a clear day the view of the Channel Islands is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Our lovely Mugu Beach!

  1. arec.colon-aldeguer723 says:

    Great blog! I too am a fan of this beach. If you enjoy surfing, during hurricane swells, Mugu Rock breaks nicely. I use to be in the Navy, so we did a lot of training at the firing range next to this beach. Overall, I recommend this beach to anyone looking for an uncrowded, beautiful view.

  2. jasmyn.harrion862 says:

    Tomas awesome blog, this is one of my favorite highways to ride on because of all the scenery. I love the hiking trail you mentioned, when you get to the top, the view of the ocean is so beautiful. And it’s funny you mention that a lot of car commercials use this highway because I actually drove by a commercial being made.

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