Oxnard Shores

Last weekend I decided to go to Oxnard Shores beach in Oxnard and check out the beach their. I walked about a mile up and down the shore.  I also decided to take a dip as well. The water felt super cold, felt like ice due to it being November.  The waves were big and there seemed to be a minor rip current.The water seemed clear along with the sky/air. I could easily see the  channel islands from their.  When i did try to go in I noticed a huge sandbar. As I continued to go out farther and farther it seemed as though the sea floor was not getting deeper. I tried to not go out to far even though I was standing due to seeing a mini rip current form.

When I walked along the shore I noticed a sand dune part of the beach, I decided to check it out and there was dune after dune with drops inside the dunes were if someone was in the drop no one else would be able to see them if they were not at the top or the bottom of the drop. It looked like a cool place to have a bond fire and be able to feel exclusive as though no one else was watching.  Surprisingly this was one beach that didn’t close of its sand dunes due to endangerment.

There was a community of  beaches houses about 100 yards from the shore line. I parked in the section near the houses. The street closest to the shoreline had some pretty nice houses with very unique architecture. Looking at the houses gave me a foreign type feel, the feeling was like I felt I was driving through Europe.  Although I have never been to Europe, if I were to imagine it I would describe it as what I saw in this community.

For the most part the beach seemed cleaned and I did not spot a lot a trash or debris. I would suggest checking out this beach to everyone. There are a lot of aspects that it has that a lot of beaches don’t have. Taking a date of your family would be a great place to enjoy a nice weekend day, even in November.

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