Oxnard State Beach Park

I have been spending quite a bit of time in Oxnard for work reasons and I’ve been working in the marina area in particular. After one of my work sessions I decided to take some time for myself and actually enjoy the marina area and the Oxnard State Beach. I’ve been getting off work around seven at night and this last evening I invited my partner to stroll around Oxnard State Beach Park with me.

My partner and I ate at the Toppers Pizza that was located conveniently right next to what I assumed to be a boat docking area where all of the locals store their boats when not in use. I also saw a sign for a yacht club so those boats could possibly all belong to members of the yacht club. There are also tons of housing and apartments located right next to the beach. I can only imagine what it would be like to wake up every day and have your yacht and the beach right at your finger tips. I even saw many houses with their own private dock located right at their house!

While walking around I noticed my psychological health and well-being benefited from the beach and a break from work before the start of a new day. The section of harbor that we visited was next to the fisherman’s wharf. There seemed to be a lot of activities and places to visit, however, since it was night time, all of these smaller stores and side attractions were closed. I can imagine taking a day trip to this location though and experiencing the hustle and bustle during business hours.

We then walked over some kind of marina bridge I almost slipped. I don’t know if it was due to the condensation in the air or my worn out work shoes. Either way, I recommend watching your footing because the view at from this location is amazing. I’m sure it looks great in the day time as well but during the night all of the lights and their reflection on the water is definitely a sight that melted any stress I had away. There were even some boats that were decorated with lights for the December holidays.

My phone camera didn’t capture this boat’s display of lights very well, but in person it was an awesome way to decorate for the holidays!