Point Dume- The Beach as a Place for Healing

I visited point Dume this last week for a field trip with my conservation biology class. It was wonderful to be with friends and colleges to measure vegetation and observe the marine sanctuary. We saw sea lions, dolphins, and birds from the cliffs and observed their behavior. They’re always exciting to see. But after the fieldwork and observation, a friend and I decided to take the time to go down to the sandy beach and watch the waves. We both have the same mindset about how the beach is a healer. It is so wonderful to be able to relax after working in the sun and just listen to the waves.

The beach is a healer in so many ways and will always be my greatest friend. The sound is the first example. The sound of the birds flying above. The waves talk to you and soothe your soul. With each crash and retreat the energy is transferred to you. Specifically at point Dume this day, the waves were powerful and large but also not too harsh. Hearing them crash against the slopes was so southing. The crash and retreat will always be something that can I hear anytime and become relaxed. I used the waves as a metaphor for my life. It might get really good, big and exciting, but it will always crash and bring you back down to earth. But then that crash helps you grow and build back up to another wave and so on. 

The last example is the sight and feel of the ocean. Just seeing the ocean for me instantly heals whatever I am going through in the moment. The sight of the waves, the feel of the sand and water in between your toes, the dolphins in the distance. I feel I just relax when I am there. I am always happy. And being with a friend that feels the same way is so special. Specifically, this beach visit to point Dume there were sea lions on a beach below the cliffs. That I will never forget. The animals are my favorite part of any beach trip. I have been going to the beach ever since I was an infant and it will forever be my place of sanity and healing. It was great that Point Dume could be there for me this time around.

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  1. krislen.santana386 says:

    Great blog Emilia! I love your metaphor about the waves and I believe that everyone should hear that metaphor and be able to use it in their lives. I feel like it could defiantly help you live a balanced and humble life. It is amazing that the beach can be a healer for you and your friend. Where is this beach located?

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