Point Mugu Beach

My second beach blog is will be about my visit to Point Mugu Beach. Here in Southern California, we get easy access to most of the beaches. A resource that not many have the privilege of having. As such I chose to use it as a way to relax. With my focus being on the health benefits and well being the beach provides to us. As for the most obvious, the beach is a way to get away from our troubles and stresses of our daily lives. That is why I had visited the beach. Watching the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore is just so calming. Well at least to me. Another stress-relieving activity that I love to do is just playing and digging in the sand. Although these are my preferred ways of destressing and enjoying the beach I know that there are many other ways that people like to use the beach. Like on the day I visited Point Mugu I also saw people who were fishing. Many people need an escape from their stressful lives. And when you ask someone what is your ideal vacation many people wish to relax on a beautiful beach. Of course, the beach also provides health benefits. One obvious health benefit is the exercise. Just running on the beach tires you must faster. As well as surfing as most surfers need a lot of stamina to keep surfing. Another surprising element of the beach curative ability the beach also has. In the Napa Hall LASER event, we learned that the Chumash used some the resources on the beach to treat some of their ailments.

Overall the beach has so many different kinds of physical resources that are very useful to our everyday society. From real estate to food the beach and the ocean gives us so much. But as Southern Californians, we get access to the mental and health benefits that the beach provides us at any point. Something special that not everyone gets access to and travel long distances to gain access to these resources.

2 thoughts on “Point Mugu Beach

  1. Wortman says:

    Super interesting lens! Most people forget to consider the mental and spiritual aspects that the beach provides including religious aspects! I enjoyed reading about your experience.

  2. Chapman says:

    Your comment made me think more about the intangible resources natural areas, like the beach, provide. It is interesting to think about all of the different uses and reasons that drive people to the beach, such as how you mentioned you enjoyed sitting in the sand while others came to fish. Even though the activities are different the end result and motivation could have been the same: to relax, take a break, and enjoy the day. We are definitely lucky to have the resource so close at hand!

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