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Point Mugu Tradition

One beach that is important for me and my fiancé is the beach at Point Mugu. This beach is important to us because it is where no matter how busy we are during the week we will at least one afternoon a week go there to watch the sunset. We would make this a priority and always made sure to bring our day for the trip and the memories.  We like to go to this particular beach because it is has some distance between the closest city. That feeling of being out of the city no matter how small the distance makes the experience even more better.  We make sure this is our time to escape from the stress of day to day life and really enjoy being with each other without any distractions. Another plus for the whole experience is being able to experience the natural beauty of a sunset together. We have been doing this tradition for about a year now, ever since we moved to Thousand oaks. I hope to continue this tradition for many years to come, if we can’t do it at this beach we will definitely find another beach down the southern California coastline.

This tradition is important to us because we both lead busy lives working and going to school, and sometime having opposite schedules with each other. This causes us to have little time we get to spend with each other.  This time at the beach enables us to strengthen our relationship and to keep our love for each strong. For both of us the beach is some place we go to relax and destress from the week.  Point Mugu serves as a place that serves as a new family tradition and a place to clear the mind and enjoy the company of the people who mean the most to you. For me the beach was home to many special moments in my life, this is going to be another time where no matter were I end up I will never forget the times that me and my fiancé spent at Point Mugu watching the sun set and enjoying each others company.


  1. I really liked how you mentioned it is nice being far from the city. That is one of the most wonderful benefits of places such as this.

  2. I like how you stated that the beach at Point Mugu acted as a place where you and your husband can go free of distractions. We all need a place like this where we can kind of disconnect from the world and realize the things in life that really matter. Another wonderful reason beaches can enrich our lives. Such as spending time with your husband free of the many distractions that life brings us.

  3. This seems like a wonderful tradition! Point mugu is a spot I stop at frequently as well for the out of town feel. I find that its location is perfect for just relaxing by the ocean. Great blog!

  4. I think its amazing to have these traditions and hold true to them over time. I have multiple family destination traditions, and was unfortunately unable to make it this year to one of the get-togethers. In the trying times our school and living communities are going through I think these tradition provide a pleasant reminder of better times, and better times to come.

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