King Crab someone caught on the pier

For my third beach, I had gone to Port Hueneme Beach.  Port Hueneme Beach has a long pier where you can find many people fishing.  I have fished there many times before and even saw someone catch a giant king crab once back in 2013 and I still have that picture.  I used to go to this beach a lot when I lived in Port Hueneme and I would see a lot of fish and game people standing in the beginning of the pier trying to get people to take surveys, I took one before, and they were mainly asking what kind of fish you would generally catch and if you had a fishing license.

Down Port Hueneme Beach you could reach Ormond Beach and see that eyesore of a power plant, but we didn’t walk that far, or go by the water’s edge even.  This beach has a lot of tar and it isn’t uncommon to get tar on your feet after visiting this beach, which was a huge hassle to get off, but I found that coconut oil works the best for this.  I went with my dogs this time and walked along the beach sidewalk with them and enjoyed to sweet ocean breeze, this was a couple days before the fires, so the air was still fresh.

Port Hueneme Beach gets dredged every year usually in the Fall season.  They do this to make sure that Channel Islands Harbor, stays a harbor…. It is unfortunate that we have to keep doing this to sustain the human activities that goes on.  Port Hueneme Beach has a beautiful park and a little seafood restaurant area right at the front of the pier and when I used to frequent this beach often I would see the most beautiful sunsets, especially between the trees.  The picture below was one I took when I used to go to the beach often, it looks like a default wallpaper that you see on computers sometimes, absolutely gorgeous.

Port Hueneme Sunset

I took some pictures of the view from the beach sidewalk where I walked with my dogs, it was a very clear day , so clear you could see the Channel Islands in the distance.