Port Hueneme Beach

The beach of Port Hueneme has many, different comprising factors its inhabitants and the community can utilize. When pulling up, one can see three main things. The first could be the massive port, usually filled with cars and other goods. Next to it, a cute path that leads to a lighthouse. The second part would be on the opposite side of that part—the pier. The quaint pier extends far enough to lend its hand to the community. In between these two lies the main part of the beach, with its wide shoreline. When the sun sets on this little beach, there are usually few people around to watch it go down. Though it glows for the city like no other, until it slowly fades.
The actual port part of the beach deals with a lot of cargo; so much so, that this past year it broke their record for highest cargo year. The amount of goods imported and exported produce a lot of things that bleed into the community of Port Hueneme. One of these being the Banana Festival that is actually coming up towards the end of September. Now, if bananas don’t sound very exciting, there’s always that nice, wide beach that sits between the pier and port waiting to be enjoyed. It’s just perfect for barbecues, laying out, or watching the sun go down. The sunsets that grace this beach are just wild.

It’s really great to see the community gathering to watch what looks almost like a phenomenon. Not one person looked anything less than wowed by what beauty is exchanged by beach and sun during this time. Of course it’s not always this way, though it happens more than some may think. I would say this beach is very underrated. If you wanted to, you could even watch the sun go down while fishing from the pier.
This beach feels like such a hidden gem considering it has so much to offer. Everything that encompasses Hueneme Beach allows for so many different experiences for different types of people within its community. It’s hard not to appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Port Hueneme Beach

  1. maximillian.castro120 says:

    Marcella –

    First off, I really like the fact that you included a couple of pictures of the beach that you visited — they look great! I like how you describe the surroundings of the beach as well. I think that your description of what is around the beach adds to your community lens analysis. However, I wish you could have focused on one thing involving the community. In other words, your blog post is a wide swath of activities the community can participate in at the beach (e.g. fishing, watching the sunset, import and export). Although it’s nice to get a range of community aspects involving the beach; I think it would have served you well to focus on one particular part of the community aspect of the beach. For example, you could have focused your lens on the fishing aspect of the community’s involvement with the beach. Is it a popular fishing spot and does it get crowded? Are there any bait and tackle shops on the pier for anglers to restock on supplies?

    Either way, I still think you did a very nice job on showing us the beauty and community aspect of Port Hueneme beach. Keep up the good work and keep taking pictures!

    • marcella.wilroy770 says:


      I’m glad you liked the photos! They were really fun to see and to shoot. I’m sorry my post wasn’t as focused as you had wished. My intent was to focus on the community as a whole because I think community is synonymous to inclusivity. I felt that if I had focused on one specific group or activity, it would exclude the rest of those who include this beach as a part of their community, and inherently change my lens as well. Needless to say, I agree, it is important and interesting to dive deeper into topics like those.

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