Port Hueneme Beach Park

I decided to go to another local beach near my home.

The beach is visited daily by locals whether it’s for a quick dip in the ocean or a quick catch. The Hueneme Beach Park is home to most seagulls in Oxnard.  However, other birds and animals inhabit the beach and call it home. From squirrels to cats and even people like to call this beach a home. I do agree that proper procedures should be taken to help fix the problems of having homeless people living at the beach. Also, I find it difficult to believe that people still have a hard time picking up after themselves. I was walking down the beach and noticed a bunch of microplastics everywhere. There were big pieces of plastic, like a plastic cup, and even glass. I did not like seeing the trash close to the trash can. People are really getting out of hand with not keeping their local beaches clean.

The beach holds a positive aesthetic value towards the Oxnard community, and is home to one of the most used ports in Southern California. The Hueneme pier was built in 1956 and used for laying a sewer outfall pipeline. After completion of the project, the pier was made available for the public. I myself have visited the Port Hueneme Beach Park throughout my life. I remember thinking how amazing and huge the Port Hueneme pier looked like back when I was kid. Its sad to see the beach go to waste as time progresses. Every year the Port Hueneme Beach Park seems to be dirtier than the last year. The pier seems to be holding its shape but only time will tell.

Who can forget that sign near the Port Hueneme Base, the Hueneme Beach Shoreline Protection Project. The sign explains how the Hueneme Beach Park is located downcoast of the Port Hueneme jetties, which interrupt the normal downcast littoral drift of sand. Because of this, the beaches losses their sand to an offshore submarine canyon and causes erosion. Maintenance dredging and sand bypassing was recommended by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Corps. The funds would be available for the city of Oxnard every two years, for the city would place sand on downcoast beaches where it is needed. If the funds are not available every two years, then the city of Oxnard will have to watch their sand disappear from the beaches.

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