On this December afternoon, I had the pleasure of revisiting another beach located in my own back yard. This pier, these lots, and these waves smell like nostalgia.
With my ripe ecological/marine knowledge, I was able to observe this beach with new lenses.
It was a particularly-windy-smokey-kind-of-dangerous day; however, there were still plenty of people walking about the pier, fishing, and enjoying the view. I figured fishing at this time would not be ideal considering the danger in the air (quite literally) and the effect it would have on our local beaches, even further away from Ventura. It was comforting to see more seagulls about the beach despite the weather conditions, seeing them wasn’t a sort of sign that to assured better things were coming normality would come soon. Aside from the dense air, the pier looked as usual. Kind of sturdy, willing to stand on its own two feet but still sort of out dated. The sand at this location has always been “unpleasant” for me. This beach is, and has been, in rough shape. Picnic tables and swing sets serve as an inviting llave to reunite with family members and host events. The problem is that the users of these public facilities do feel includied to tidy up after themselves. Another contributer to this issue is the growing population of homeless adults in the area. Although I am not implying this effects any aesthetic value, or that these are then only obstructors of cleanliness, but these individuals may contribute to the problem and may be severely not affected if the only place of comfort for them is surrounded by garbage. The waves were moving with the wind, and the wind picked up litter all along the short. It seems as though there’s a strip of land before the shoreline dedicated to holding litter.
I’m disappointed that the community has not made efforts to keep this beautiful beach healthy. The area isn surrounded in homes and apartments, meaning that people are willing to pay market price for beach living, but the ecological price is overlooked. I think many would agree that the area should come together and value the diverse system in their back yard.