Quality Time at Butterfly Beach

For my last beach blog, I want to talk about Butterfly Beach through a recreational lens. This gorgeous beach is in Montecito, California, right across from the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore. With clean, soft, white sand, it’s an amazing place to spend a day.

I was introduced to Butterfly Beach by my boyfriend, who grew up in Santa Barbara and now works at the Biltmore. It’s now one of my favorite places. We occasionally visit it together, enjoying the beautiful scenery, our feet in the comforting sugary sand, catching up on our quality time, and watching others do the same. 

In mid-September, I got to share this amazing spot with my Dad. We had just spent the morning volunteering for the United Way Day of Caring at the Santa Barbara Zoo, and my dad was open to spending more time with me even though we were exhausted. I excitedly suggested we take a walk at Butterfly Beach where we could enjoy the nice cooler beach weather and dip our feet into the water. Boy, did we walk. We went all the way to Miramar Beach and back, deciding to stop by the Biltmore to visit my boyfriend and have a bite to eat before heading back home. What a lovely day it was! It’s one of my favorite memories with my dad, and the beach definitely contributed to that. I find that there’s something special about spending time with someone at the beach. Maybe it’s the lack of superficial distractions that allows people to be more present with each other, the fresh air, and the glorious natural beauty. It really feels like quality time.

Paddle Boarding at Butterfly Beach

For those who’d like to do more than walk, there’s other recreational options. It’s very popular for people to bike along this beach. You can actually rent a bike and ride the three-mile long Cabrillo Bike Path from Stearns Wharf to Butterfly Park. Many also paddle board, surf, sunbathe, swim, and dog-walk at Butterfly Beach. Dad and I saw many umbrellas on the sand that day as families spent a nice day at the beach making memories of their own. I know I’m not the only one who can say some of my favorite memories are of time spent at the beach. What are some of yours?

3 thoughts on “Quality Time at Butterfly Beach

  1. Max says:


    Nice post on Butterfly Beach! I have never been but your blog post definitely inspired me to check it out sometime. I find it fascinating that people are naturally drawn to the ocean and beach for recreation. Despite the fact that devices are more distracting than ever, folks are still finding time to go to the beach.

    • sara.patterson748 says:

      Thanks, Max! I agree that technological devices are more distracting (and addictive) than ever but that we are still drawn to the natural environment of beaches. Maybe we know we’re better off looking at the ocean than a screen. The beach can be a good escape from technology, or anything else for that matter.

  2. kayleen.velasquez960 says:

    Hi Sara,
    I’ve never been to Butterfly Beach but if I’m ever in the Montecito area then I not know where I’ll stop by to get some relaxation time in. I like that there’s a variety of activities to do there at that beach and it seems that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. You provided us with a very good overview of the beach location, what the atmosphere is like, and I really like your perspective of the memories you created but you also noticed that there were others there creating memories too! To answer your question, my favorite memories at beaches include head straight to the coastal line and digging in the sand in search of Sand Moles.

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