Recreation in harmony with wildlife

Driving down a winding road through the mountains, we pop out of the Malibu hills to witness a 180-degree view of the coastline, aka the picturesque idea of paradise, laid right before of our eyes. Nestled between some shopping plazas and gated beach front homes, was Malibu Lagoon State Beach, also known as Surfrider Beach.  As we walked down the lagoons dirt path through the spiraling pathways that were flanked with wildflowers popping out on both sides, we decide to enjoy one of the many scenic outlooks that were provided in the lagoon area. With the restoration efforts that have been taking place in the watershed, came the return of several species that created a little biodiverse haven full of various bird species and fishes that haven’t been seen in this location in decades, including snowy plovers, steel head trout, and goby’s.

I noticed that not only was there a lot diversity among the type of species found in the lagoon, but also a large diversity in people that came to enjoy this beach in their own unique way. We walked pass several people decked out with camera lens that were larger than my neck, snapping what seemed like a million clicks per minute of the birds, as they sat on egg shaped seats or camouflaged in the caged bird blinds to avoid disturbing the wildlife. There were clusters of guys lugging their surfboards straight down the path towards the beach to enjoy the surprisingly clear water and roaring waves.

Alongside, there were families with children running and screaming towards the beach in excitement to play in the sand and stick their feet in the water. There were multiple plaques along the trail where many could learn about the wildlife and restoration work that has taken place. There were also benches and wooden lounge chairs filled with people taking a nap or just posting up to take in the scenery.

As I continued to walk through the pathway, there were tiles that lined the end of the path that led to a spiraled path that was half sunken under the waterline, which seemed a bit odd at first. The tiles were labeled with different feet measurements that signaled how high the tide was and tuned the experiencer into the natural cycles and environment with showing how high the water levels reached during different times of the year as they walked down the pathway. Visiting this beach for the first time, made me think of the how protecting and preserving these these kinds of areas can in turn create a multitude of additional benefits to everyone through its natural beauty, resourceful ecosystem, and multitude of recreational activities generated.

3 thoughts on “Recreation in harmony with wildlife

  1. Ariana McLaughlin says:

    Great post Paulena! I loved that you focused not only on the beach itself but also on the lagoon and its important role in the surrounding beach ecosystem. It’s wonderful that the restoration efforts have been so successful that previously unseen species are emerging and enfolding themselves back into the environment. However, I wonder what kinda of environmental damage was done to the beach that restoration efforts had to be undertaken in order to preserve the beach and its surroundings. Your description of the various pathways to get to the beach was also very descriptive and it seems like the trek to get to your destination was certainly worth it! Also great photos, they do a nice job of showing just how diverse Malibu Lagoon Beach is.

  2. kayleen.velasquez960 says:

    Hey Paulena,
    I love that you dedicated a section of your post to birding and bird watching. I didn’t know people took it such an extreme as to get all geared up in order to watch birds. I’ve seen things on documentaries of people doing that in jungle settings and not moving for days but I didn’t know people did that so close to where we live. Thank you for looking up the specific birds you saw there. Do you have a favorite sea bird? I also liked how you seemed to capture a peaceful day at the beach with your words and pictures.

  3. miranda.hansen626 says:

    Hi Paulena! I really enjoyed your post and pictures. I loved your descriptive explanation of the walkway, it really gave me an image in my head of what you were describing. It really looked like a beautiful day!

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