Rincon Parkway Campground

Rincon Parkway Campground is located right off the Pacific Coast Highway. On the way there you will notice huge multimillion dollar homes right on the beach. You know when you get to the Rincon Parkway Campground when you begin to see hundreds of camping trailers parked one after another for a couple of miles.

As a kid I used to camp here every summer. Along this stretch of the beach there are different kinds of parking areas. The south side is designated as day use only and the northern half is for camping trailers planning to stay for at least one night. Depending on the season the longest period you can camp for varies. If you are camping there during the spring or summer your length of stay is limited to a maximum of 7 days but if you camp here during the fall or winter season you can stay here for as long as 14 days. During the peak seasons, days are limited because of its popularity and the demand for camping spots are limited. If you go to this beach during the summer, chances are slim of finding a camping spot but if you visit the same place during the fall or winter season you will see gaps of 15 or more spaces between camping trailers. 

If you do get the chance to visit the Rincon Campground Parkway you’ll will see what all the hype is about. After setting up your camping trailer the beach can be as close as 10 to 15 yards from your door step. The only barrier between you and the beach are big boulders of sandstone placed there to protect the road and camping area from high surf. Some camping spots have a sandy path that leads downs to the beach. These camping spots are convenient, but the down side is that the neighboring campers use that path and can make you feel uncomfortable. I still visit this beach but not as often as I used to. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time boogie boarding and body surfing but nowadays when I visit the beach I spend most of my time fishing the surf. During the summer, most of my catch consisted of barred perch and occasionally a leopard shark. 

The day-use side is a nice area too. The day use area is the area that I visit when I’m planning on BBQing and hanging out with friends. The day use side can also get full and parking may be difficult. When parking here you want to strategically park because there are no lines on the ground to guide people where to park and can result in blocking you in.

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