Royal Palms Beach

This past weekend I visited Royal Palms Beach in San Pedro, California. My family was visiting from Tennessee and we decided to show them a few of the beaches around my hometown. The lens I will be using today is familial. I have taken them to many beaches in th past but this experience was different. It was a very nice feeling to take my family to a place that is somewhat rare to them. They hardly ever visit California, so I know every different beach I take them to is a great experience for them.
It truly makes me appreciate the region that I live in. Not only is being a native Californian a blessing, but living within ten miles of the coast is a bigger blessing. Some people go their whole lifetime without even visiting the beach and I have it in my backyard.
The experience was also very soothing. We got to experience a beautiful sunset. Aside from enjoying time with my family, I also felt a sense of peace. With midterms going on, it was definitely stress-reliever. At times where I feel overwhelmed or on the verge of giving up on school, I always like to visit the beach. As I see marine life and the beach ecosystem, it reminds me why I am trying so hard in school. I hope to one day work in conservation biology and going to the beach always reminds me of my goals.
While being here with my family, I talked about my career plans with my family. They brought up a point that I had never considered. They asked if I believed that living this close to the beach influenced my career. I would like to believe that this would be my career choice regardless of where I was from or lived, but i do believe being super exposed to the beach influenced my career choice. Overall, I am grateful that I am a Californian. Many times we take what we have near us for granted. It not only gives me a chance to bond with my family but it gave me a new interest and purpose in life.

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  1. Powell says:

    One of my favorite things to do with my family visiting from out of state is to go and show them all of the beaches the coast has to offer. It is a very great feeling to show other around the beach and show them the culture of California. We are so lucky to live in this beach haven and it is one of the best experiences while visiting with family. Your post reminded me a lot about bringing my family to the beach and basking in the beauty.

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